How We Got Started

In late 2002, with the help of a first grade teacher and friends who were engineers and scientists, our founder, Mary Porter Green, started a STEM program at her kitchen table and began teaching classes at a local day care center.  In 2005, she opened a brick-and-mortar science lab for kids outside Washington, D.C., called Curiosity Zone.  The years since have been an amazing ride. 

Our hardworking little company has brought in millions of dollars in revenue, launched a second website called the Experiment Exchange, won exciting awards, been profiled in major newspapers, done 40+ live TV science segments, had Fox News (D.C.) broadcast live from the lab (twice), co-produced a "science you can sing to" album and musical stage show with Grammy Award winners (featured by USAToday!), and provided programs for young children at various Smithsonian museums, science centers, and large regional festivals. 

Most importantly, our programming, curriculum and content have engaged hundreds of thousands of curious kids.

We are now on the move to inspire millions of young thinkers by growing a community of education entrepreneurs.  Join us today and start a program in your community.  Let's teach science!