Programs & Curriculum

Curiosity Zone programs are designed to inspire the natural curiosity in children.  Our proven curriculum includes more than 340 units of age-appropriate science, engineering, robotics and math classes for ages 3-10, plus dozens of camp, party and special event lesson plans.  

We use fun, familiar, hands-on activities to spark creativity and wonder, and to lay a foundation for lifelong learning.  The curriculum has been developed and refined over the last decade by teachers, scientists and innovators working with over 130,000 children in our award-winning kid-sized science lab located outside Washington D.C.  Learn more about our story here.

Our programs teach the creative, higher-level thinking skills that are the keys to success in the 21st century.  We empower children to be innovative, teaching them to observe, ask questions and wonder, “Why?”   We also give children the freedom to fail, because we believe that the best learning happens through mistakes and surprises. 

Our core beliefs are:

  • Everyone is a scientist -- especially children, who are born naturally curious.
  • Science is about questions, not answers. 
  • Science is in everything, all the time.  It is not something you memorize for a test or leave at school in a book. It is not something scary, hard and boring, or something only adults can do.
  • Children learn through their environment.  Like the Suzuki Method for early music education, exposing children to STEM concepts and vocabulary from the earliest possible age lays a powerful foundation for lifelong learning. 
  • Children learn through doing.  Our programs are child-directed; adults are facilitators, but the children are the scientists.
  • STEM subjects should be taught as an interconnected whole, with emphasis on problem-solving and creative applications.  For example, combing engineering, physics, and chemistry to create a new lightweight building material that will allow space travel to Mars.
  • Diversity of thought is essential to discovery.
  • Failure, when embraced and combined with learning, leads to advancement.
  • Kindness and respect are fundamental.

We have tremendous anecdotal evidence of our success in inspiring and educating young children. Please take a minute to read a few of our unsolicited customer stories.